The latest stuff done

Noodling with the x0xb0x

Filmed with a vintage lens on a modern camera.

Fork Seals

Yeah, this is not a synthesizer but it sounds good to me. The engine sound makes me happy.

I had the fork seals and fork oil replaced on my Suzuki GSX-R 750 (1985). I really recommend doing this. It drives like a new bike afterwards.


Nice view of the newly fitted fork seals.

XIO - cool synthesizer

Someone handed me a synthesizer-soundcard-controller-thing Novation Xio 49 with some strange behaviour on some knobs. The response when turning the knobs wasn´t any good and/or absent when fiddling around with the settings of for example Cutoff. Not good at all.

Since I didn´t find any good sparepart that actually fitted the PCB and the enclosure, I did a small work on pulling the potentiometer apart. I fixed it (cleaning and refitting of internal parts) and put it back. Simple, yet effectfull.