To repair something is good. Do not throw away things that can be repaired. You feel better when you get it going again.

Bleep Drum - now with midi

I got hold of a Arduino Uno R3, with a Atmega328 (picopower) mounted. So, what to do with it?

A drummachine!

Generalmusic (GEM) S2R with battery problem

A friend of mine found a GEM S2R. Dead. Battery (internal NiCd) was completely dead and some leakage had occoured. A new NiMH was installed but the unit was still dead.

Keyboard controller connector on the Ensoniq SQ-80

Inspired by some EPS 16 Plus repair, I took some time to clean the connector of the keyboard controller (scanner) on my Ensoniq SQ-80. The SQ-80 is used as sequencer and master keyboard.


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