Spiderbaby V2 (Arduino version)

A couple of years ago I did a small device grabbing midiclock and making some sort of trig from it. It was realized on a Attiny2313 and done completely in assembler. Assembler is a nice language!

But, time moves on and why not try C?

The MIDI Library was added and some small code was written.

What does the code do?

Well, not much really. It just checks if MIDI-messages such as START, STOP, CONTINUE, CLOCK is sent from a connected device such as a midi sequencer. Seperate handlers take care of what will happen when any of the messages are recieved. The trig-pattern (6 parellell outputs) is easy to expand or adjust. In the code it´s just cycling thru an array of 24 elements (midiclock is 24 ticks per quarternote).

The trig pattern will give you 6 parallell outputs on pin 2 to pin 7 on an Arduino Uno V3, and as mentioned before very easy to change. Connect the outputs to some circuit (maybe LED + resistor) and then to an output jack.

The midiinterface is a simple thing based on 6N138 but any variation will do.

The sketch

large_Spiderbaby V2-2_bb.jpg

If any help is needed, just contact me.

Caution: When uploading the sketch, disconnect the RX. RX is used to upload the sketch and this will fail if connected during uploading.