Modifications on Doepfer A-110 VCO

Doepfer has a lot of nice synthesizer modules, and they often gives away the schematics. This leads to a lot of modification being made to enhance and enrich the already nice modules.

The A-110 VCO is easy to modify to get softsync and FM-input for a more complete function as a voltage controlled oscillator. The schematic is found here. The electronic part is really easy.

How to mount the extra jacks and switches

To make life simple, I did a small template for the drilling of the extra holes. It is very nice when all the holes are made equal on all VCO´s when making the modification on more than one module.The drilling itself was done by my dear wife, who is a silversmith and good at making nice holes in metal.


Here is the SVG-file. It contains one layer with the scanned panel and one layer with the drill guide. The SVG-file can be opened by Inkscape and adjusted. 


A nice picture of the A-110 after modification.