The Linn 32 track midi sequencer recorder

A friend of mine had this unit in the closet. When powered on, no life at all and no diskdrive mounted. After a short repair the unit started up, even without any diskrive mounted.

How is it to use?

Well, fast! Simple yet powerful. Easy to handle. A lot of sync and trig possibilities to interface with both new and old gear. No need for reading the manual, just start to record and sequence.

Linn 32 track midi sequence recorder.jpg

The missing diskdrive and workarounds

The problem with not having any diskdrive is not really an issue. The unit itself got internel memory and battery. And if you would like to save the sequences, tape interface is available. So, just connect it to the soundcard in the computer and start saving. The diskdrive seems to be a Sony OA-D32W-11. This unit could possibly be replaced by HxC floppy emulator. Of course, a diskdrive could be obtained by Forat.