Keyboard controller connector on the Ensoniq SQ-80

Inspired by some EPS 16 Plus repair, I took some time to clean the connector of the keyboard controller (scanner) on my Ensoniq SQ-80. The SQ-80 is used as sequencer and master keyboard. Some system errors has occured, time to clean!

If you own an Ensoniq synthesizer or sampler: Take time and clean this connector.

It´s also really easy to take the unit apart. Just take some photos or notes on how everything is connected and then there is no problem getting it back into one piece.

Ensoniq SQ80 keyboard controller card.jpg

Above is the controller card. You can spot the big bad connector at the bottom. The brown one. Below is a picture with another view of the same part. Just remove the controller card and clean with anti-oxidation spray.

Ensoniq SQ80 keyboard controller card connector.jpg

Putting everything back together my SQ-80 powered up with no working display! Argh! But there was sound and all the buttons worked just fine. After some coffee and thinking the error was spotted. When cranking up the lid on the SQ-80, a part of the connector to the display was slightly jolted out of it´s position. Look at the blue wire in the picture below. After pushing it back into place, the display said hello!

Ensoniq SQ80 display connector power.jpg