Bleep Drum - now with midi

I got hold of a Arduino Uno R3, with a Atmega328 (picopower) mounted. So, what to do with it?

A drummachine!

The Bleep Drum looked nice. The schematics and the code is on the site. The kids loves it!



When I actually got around to making a more sturdy front panel, I noticed it had a midi-update! Soon enough, I managed to get the code working (with help from Dr. Bleep and a zipped MIDI-library for the Arduino). Midi input was realized using 6N138, 1N4148, 220Ohm, 270Ohm classic circuit. Works like a charm! Just remember no implementation of midiclock, sync is done in another way which works fine.


The new front panel. The kids choose some of their favourite pictures for the panel.